Inspiration included

A special valuable gift that excites your imagination and inspire creativity

Over 100 drawing lessons

45 days access to over 100 cool full-size art video lessons from professional artists

Art materials

Art materials

Doodle&Sketch Box

We deliver creativity to your door

We love art and what we do. If you study with us, draw & create for your own pleasure - our mission is complete!

Exactly for this reason we regularly consult with successful artists, look for unusual things and gifts for your inspiration and putting only cool art materials in your Doodle & Sketch Boxes!

New Art Boxes dedicated to nature

Doodle&Sketch Deal Box

Special art supplies set,
special natural colors, eco video lessons and help to the nature
together with the WWF (World Wildlife Fund)

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Boxes from the Self Box and Deal Box series guarantee that all art materials in the box will cost you less than in a regular Russian retail store.

And we always put only full-size products in our boxes - no "probes" and "testers"

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