Svetlana Gryaznova

Svetlana Gryaznova - Architect, sketcher, illustrator.

Interview with an artist

Svetlana, how do you answer the question «What do you do?
Immediately I say that I am an architect, because this is my main activity and work. A month ago, I did my master’s thesis on architecture and a bachelor’s degree in it. Plus, my whole life, the last, probably, 9 years have been devoted to architecture and everything that is connected to it. Professionally I work as an architect for about two years. In the last grades of the school already knew that I would enter the architectural university, and went to the preparatory courses.

The part we are now talking about, the artistic side is an integral part of architecture. The architect should be able to draw a sketch of what he wants to offer to the customer with his own hands. This is a very significant plus. Nowadays everything happens very quickly, everyone is always in a hurry, and the customer wants to immediately understand what he will get at the end. Create an object model takes much longer than 15 minutes (exaggerating) than to draw it with markers. And everyone is happy (laughs)!

Otherwise, the architect can sit for 40 working hours to create a sketch in a special program, and the customer will not like it at all. Usually we give 2-3 sketches to the customer to choose from, drawn with markers - and form these sketches we already understand what the customer wants what he/she likes and what does not.

What kind of orders do you and the company you work for do?
Individual construction and interior design of residential and public buildings and more.

For the past year, I have had mostly competitive projects: international and all-Russian architectural competitions, design and interior contests. We have won a lot of prizes this year. Also carried out private orders.

While doing the thesis, I had a flexible work schedule, now I work full time.

So drawing skills are a must for the architect, right?
Illustration from Svetlana Gryaznova. Yes, in architectural universities, drawing is a part of the entrance exams. That is, upon admission we had a «Creative test»: we passed the «Academic drawing» (drawing of the plaster head) and «Descriptive geometry» (drawing a complex part).

Someone else handed over «Composition» (drawing a composition consists of several geometric bodies). So you can say that yes, the architect should be able to draw! Many come from the art school.

I also attended an art school, but my school was not very strict in terms of teaching. And given that I lived far away from it, I could only go there a couple of times a week. Basically, in terms of creativity, I mostly did self-education.

How long have you been drawing?
From the kindergarten. I always had paints and felt-tip pens. I remember how I painted portraits for my parents for holidays! Of course, they were funny (laughs)! Often drawing I could sit till the morning. But my parents always supported me (smiles).

More serious drawing began in the art school and preparatory courses. Well, and quite serious disciplines, such as «Academic Drawing», were already at the university. I graduated from Nizhny Novgorod Architecture and Civil Engineering University.

In fact, at the university we were so tired from the academic drawing - bachelor’s degree for architects takes 5 years, and 3 years of them we had «Academic Drawing» - that when it was over, we did not want to draw anymore. It is said that after the architectural university you do not want to draw, and many do not continue to draw after graduating.

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Published: 9 окт 2017