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By subscribing you get access to all video drawing lessons on Doodle&Sketch platform

Doodle&Sketch Subscription

About Doodle&Sketch Subscription
It is an opportunity to watch any video drawing lessons on the Doodle&Sketch platform from the section «Video lessons» within a whole month.
You can pay for a subscription by credit card or via PayPal.
You will get the access to any video drawing lessons on Doodle&Sketch platform right after the payment.
The price for each video drawing lesson in the section «Video lessons» on the Doodle&Sketch platform vary from 890 rub. to 1290 rub. By subscribing you can watch any lessons you want for a whole month for free.

You also get full access to all exclusive video drawing lesson from artists-authors of Doodle&Sketch Boxes
Access to any video drawing lessons for 30 days on Doodle&Sketch platform will be opened right after the payment.

To start watching any video drawing lesson you must become a student of this lesson!

Remember, that you can open 3 different videos at the same time. To open up new video lessons you must upload your final works on previous lessons for checking.

Your final works are able to be checked by artist-teacher (290 rub) or Doodle&Sketch team (free).
The main rule - a student has to fulfil all tasks in exact lesson, create his/her final work and shows that he caught the essence of the lesson.

It is important for us that a student finally catch the core of the lesson and not just jot down a few lines. Therefore Doodle&Sketch team has the right to ask student to alter the final work and improve specific details.

Student gets «Pass» automatically if his/her final work is checked by artist-teacher.

Get subscription and watch any lessons

Doodle&Sketch Subscription - it is a great opportunity to watch any video drawing lessons from the very cool artists-teachers on Doodle&Sketch platform.

Regularly updated video drawing lessons database allows you to delve into the creative process and achieve the desired results!

Lessons available for Subscription

You can watch any video lessons from the following sections:

Here you will find lessons for oil, watercolor and pastel painting techniques. You will learn how to create beautiful marker sketches, delicious food-illustrations and fairy-tale characters. Each video drawing lesson - is a finished master-class with the final picture.

Choose any lesson you want and create a beautiful painting. Upload your final work to be checked by our artists-teachers or Doodle&Sketch team and pick up a new lesson.

Subscription price: 1990 rub (about 33 eur).

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