Rembrandt watercolor, № 534, cerulean blue

Rembrandt watercolor 5 ml tube. Color: cerulean blue (№ 534) Under the Rembrandt brand Royal Talens supplies a series of professional artists’ products that enjoy the confidence of users worldwide. With stability and durability as the aim, each Rembrandt product combines the best from its past with modern developments in technology and raw materialst. The range of Rembrandt water colours consists of 80 colours with the highest possible degree of transparency and a balanced distribution across the various colour areas. 78 colours have the highest degree of lightfastness. The high concentration of pigmentation and extremely fine grinding result in an optimal tinting strength. All colours are based on the purest of qualities of Gum Arabic. Advantages of watercolor paints Rembrandt: • Highest degree of lightfastness • Very pure and intense colours • Perfectly thinnable with water • Maximum degree of transparency • Finest pigments in a pure quality of gum arabic • The complete range consists of 80 colours. Rembrandt water colour is a versatile paint which can be used in many techniques, such as: • Water colours on a dry ground, optical colour mixing • Water colours on wet paper • Working with Liquid masking film • Combining water colours with Indian ink

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