Van Gogh Azo Deep Yellow Watercolor, 10 ml tube, №270

Van Gogh watercolor 10 ml tube. Color: Azo Deep Yellow (№ 270) Quality, that’s what you choose. That is why you use Van Gogh paint, so you can focus completely on your creativity and the painting process. Thanks to the lively and intense colours you can do anything in your paintings. Your inspiration determines the direction and the paint is your instrument. Van Gogh is therefore the ideal brand for the serious artist for whom quality is important. Van Gogh water colour is a transparent paint with intense colours. All colours have the highest degree of lightfastness. The paint is easy to use. The purity allows the colours to be mixed easily and to be washed to create the finest of nuances. Lively colours are the result! The wide range of 40 colours is available in tubes. Advantages of watercolor paints Van Gogh: • Van Gogh water colours allows for easy colour transfer. • The colours are strong and highly transparent. • Whatever colour you choose, the viscosity is always uniform. • All colours are highly lightfast, even when thinned a great deal, which ensures the colours are retained in the long term. Van Gogh water colour is a versatile paint which can be used in many techniques, such as: • Water colours on a dry ground, optical colour mixing • Water colours on wet paper • Working with Liquid masking film • Combining water colours with Indian ink

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