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Arches Huile oil paper, 300 gr, 19х28 cm

Canson "Arches Huile" oil paper Texture: Fin (Cold pressed) Sheet size: 19х28 cm 300 gr/m2 100% cotton Canson "Arches Huile" oil papers are mouldmade in France with 100% cotton fiber content, they are so durable that they will remain beautiful and vibrant for centuries without conservation, if stored and handled properly. Canson "Arches Huile" oil papers are acid-free and can be used for classical oil painting, as well as acrylic painting and oil pastel painting. Sheets have two natural deckle edges, two torn deckle edges, and are watermarked and embossed. Many artists all over the world choose Arches paper as the product of high quality. You can rely on Arches to always be consistent.

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