Pebeo Cadmium light red imitation Oil, 37 ml tube, №05

Pebeo oil paint 37 ml tube. Color: Cadmium light red (imitation) (№ 05) Creamy and responsive, oil paint Pebeo Huile fine XL Studio is suitable for any technique, from glaze to work in thick layers. Can be used together with mediums and auxiliary substances. Quickly dries and allows to overlap previous layers after 3 days. Pebeo Huile fine XL Studio is designed to work on canvas, cardboard, wood, and is also suitable for performing monumental paintings. Pebeo Huile Fine XL Studio has a very diverse range of shades and effects, such as: classic, light or pastel. The color palette of oil paints Pebeo Huile fine XL Studio includes 52 colors. Properties of oil paints Pebeo Huile fine XL Studio: • Colors: Bright, indelible and fine-dispersed • Drying on the application surface: an average of 2 to 6 days, depending on the thickness of the applied layer • Dilution: Essences, solvents, oils or mediums, depending on the desired effect • Cleaning: Mineral essence, solvent.

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Vendor code: P-937-005