Your Creative ArtSpace

Creative ArtSpace created specifically for Doodle&Sketch users.

Your Creative Lab

Creative Lab created especially for professional artists

Your Creative Lab

If you are an artist and you want to create your own Creative Lab Doodle&Sketch - go here

Inside your personal Creative Lab, you can publish your video lessons and training courses and use our constructor to create an article or review.

We also consider all of our users as potential authors of Doodle&Sketch Box.

Where to send information?

If you do not want to create a Сreative Lab, you can send us the information (you want to post) and we will publish it.

  • Authorship in a Doodle&Sketch Box -
  • If you want to become a Doodle&Sketch Box author, send us: Links to your social network and website (if any), some of your works and briefly tell us about yourself.
  • Articles and reviews -
  • 1. Article about your art project with a link, description, cost (if any)
  • 2. Art supplies and painting techniques reviews
  • 3. Pictures stories
  • 4. Announcements of art events
  • Announcements of your workshops -
  • If you are planning a workshop, please send us the following information: workshop name, location, date and time, cost, used art supplies, description and examples of your work.
  • Announcements of your contests -
  • Want to hold a contest?
    Send us following info: contest name, contest fee (if any), expiration date, description, prize.

Your Creative ArtSpace

Creative ArtSpece is created especially for Doodle&Sketch users. Each Doodle&Sketch Box owner or Doodle&Sketch Subscription owner or any lesson owner is able to create his/her personal creative ArtSpace on

With Creative ArtSpace you can:

Watch full versions of video drawing lessons

Leave comments to any drawing lesson

Track all your Doodle&Sketch Boxes

Make a requests for art consultations

View the history of all you consultations

Quickly and easily make purchases in one click