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Doodle&Sketch WatercolorBox & Lydia Fenwick. Review and short video lesson

Doodle&Sketch WatercolorBox & Lydia Fenwick. Review and short video lesson

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Review and short video drawing lesson on February Doodle&Sketch WatercolorBox. Artist-reviewer: Lydia Fenwick! About the box Doodle&Sketch WatercolorBox is a special type of Doodle&Sketch Deal Boxes - boxes with art supplies for a particular drawing technic & access to all video drawing lessons from previous and future Boxes. Attention! Doodle&Sketch WatercolorBox was created in 5 different types, that's why the content may vary a bit! What was inside? ✔ 4 waterolor paints in tubes by VanGogh (Royal Talens) ✔ 5-8 watercolor markers Koi (Sakura) ✔ Brushes by Roubloff / Calligraphy brush ✔ 8 sheets of Arches watercolor paper, 300 гр, 100% cotton ✔ Paper napkins ✔ Stickers & sweets About creative task Creative task for all WatercolorBox owners was to draw a portrait of a fairy girl! About artist-reviewer Lydia Fenwick is a professional Illustrator from USA with a passion for the bonds between femininity and nature. About video lesson To know more about art supplies in February Doodle&Sketch Watercolor Box and to draw the beautiful portrait together with Lydia, watch this short video darwing lesson. Attention! All owners of Doodle&Sketch Boxes of any month (before February, 20th, 2017) and owners of Doodle&Sketch Subscription have access to their Creative ArtSpace on our website and can watch the full version of this video drawing lesson (1 hour). To register your Creative ArtSpace click "Login" button in the top righ corner. __________________________________ Обзор февральской коробочки Doodle&Sketch WatercolorBox и короткий мастер-класс по акварельной живописи. Художник-обозреватель коробочки - Lydia Fenwick! Творческим заданием для всех обладателей коробочки было создать портрет сказочной девушки! Все обладатели коробочек Doodle&Sketch Box любого месяца (купленные до 20 февраля 2017), а также "Doodle&Sketch Подписки" могут посмотреть большой полный видео мастер-класс от Lydia (длительностью 1 час!), доступный в их Творческих Пространствах!

ArtProfessor: Lydia Fenwick

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Lydia Fenwick

Hi! I'm Lydia Fenwick - a professional freelance illustrator located in California. I recently graduated summa cum laude... Подробнее...

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