Julia Barminova

Julia Barminova - Watercolor artist, architect.

Interview with an artist

Julia, tell us how you started to paint?
My art career started twice. For the first time - as a child. I was a quiet child, I could spend hours doing something by myself, sculpting or drawing. I do not remember myself as a child engaged in anything else. But my passion didn’t get anywhere.

All the time I was trying to get art education, but all my attempts were unsuccessful. I would get somewhere, but after a while I would get wildly bored. So I ran away from the art school, probably because of the draperies and still lives in the orange colors. I wanted something unusual, like to show the inner world in the works, and classical education has not always contributed to this.

After school I went to become an architect, but the romance ended in the second year. I was sure that never in my life would I draw, and for four years in my house there was no pencil or paper. At that moment I decided to do yoga and completely changed occupation. But the inner desire to be an artist did not go anywhere.

Having worked as a Yoga center and painting studio administrator for several years, in 2012 I decided to start painting again. I went to Sergey Andriyaki’s watercolors school, but without changing my tradition dropped out six months later. In parallel, I studied oil painting, but that education ended halfway. As a result, all of my creative life and self-growth has been very crumpled. Even now, I teach people to ignore the classical school and find themselves in something unique. For classical education not to overlap the potential inherent in each of us.

What exactly made you decide to change occupation 4 years ago?
Illustraton from Julia Barminova. At that time I worked as an administrator in a yoga studio. And our director was fascinated by drawing. She became involved with the teachers on watercolors, pastels and oil. I was very curious (laugh). On the basis of the yoga center we had some master classes in painting. So it was that I became involved in the organization, purchasing of materials, maintenance of the site, because I knew the difference between a pencil 2B from 2H (laugh). After a while, watching the various master classes, I decided that I still want to be an artist, instead of an administrator.

I even remember the day I made this decision! It was summer in Kislovodsk. Some time ago my daughter was born, I sat with her in the garden on a swing, and definitely realized that I always wanted to draw just something I was forced down. On the same day got a blog in LJ (barminova.livejournal.com). Began writing about my experiences, uploading my first works. Instagram did not yet exist. Since then, I have drawn almost every day.

Tell us about your style
I have a pretty essential approach to creativity. I listen to my inner feelings. For example, I do not like all of warm yellow-orange colors. At first I tried to do the «the right way» and painted and golden autumn and still lifes in terracotta tones, and then abruptly stopped using these colors in my works. Autumn, and then winter disappeared from my works. The most I can do is to sprinkle snow on architectural sketches (laugh). Then I stopped to paint still lifes, rural landscapes, and then the city. Attention from them I have switched to the details - they are really interesting to me.

With the sea was a very interesting story. I once wrote in my blog that «the artist must narrow down his/her work themes, and I, for one, will never draw a seascape!». My students have recently found these old records! I remembered that, indeed, earlier I completely could not draw water.

And the summer of 2014 for the first time I went with a group on-site open-air in Provence. It was so beautiful! I could draw every single corner. After an open-air in the south of France, I went to Cyprus. Architecture and nature of Cyprus very much lost to France. I did not know what to choose as the nature to catch up, except for the coastal zone, where there were boats. I realized that in addition to water and ships I did not want to paint anything else. Those early paintings became a turning point, which gave a push to a large series of works, which I now draw.

Full version will be available since January 20th

Published: 1 янв 2017