Past Boxes

Our past Doodle&Sketch Boxes

Doodle&Sketch Author's Box - is a box from a successful modern artist with his/her inspiration, video drawing lesson, interview magazine and his/her favorite art supplies. You don't know in advance what is inside, because surprise - is a part of the fun!

Creative Doodle&Sketch Boxes 2015

Bastuchka - Doodle&Sketch Box author
Artimieva Daria December 2015

Painter in hyperrealism technique,

Ksusha Sirenja - Doodle&Sketch Box author
Ksusha Sirenja December 2015

Painter, illustrator and scrapbooking master.

Anastasia Kustova - Doodle&Sketch Box author
Anastasia Kustova November 2015

Watercolor artist and author of her own jewelry brand.

Sasha Roshin - Doodle&Sketch Box author
Sasha Roshin November 2015

Fashion-illustrator, designer and portraitist.

Tania Samoshkina - Doodle&Sketch Box author
Tania Samoshkina October 2015

Watercolor artist. Loves to draw foxes. Self-taught artist

Sophia Kolovskaia - Doodle&Sketch Box author
Sophia Kolovskaia October 2015

Graphic Designer, illustrator and sketcher.

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