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Magazine with a successful artist's interview and surprises for your inspiration

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Creative task and special video lesson from a successful artist

Art supplies

Specially selected favorite art supplies of a successful artist

Doodle&Sketch Box

We deliver creative inspiration!

We love what we do! We want you to study and make art with us! That's why we ask our successful artists a lot of questions, look for unusual things for your inspiration and put really cool art materials in our boxes!

Creative surprise art-box

Doodle&Sketch Box - is a box from a successful modern artist with his inspiration, video drawing lesson, interview magazine and his favorite art supplies. You don't know in advance what is inside, because surprise - is a part of the fun!

Inspiration from an artist

Each month we select two artists for our Doodle&Sketch Boxes. We learn what inspires our artists, find it and put it in our boxes.

Interview with an artist

Our artists tell you what inspires them, how to use art supplies in a box and give you tasks to create your own magic

Art supplies

We believe that received inspiration and motivation should immediately find an output in drawing! Therefore we put artists' favorite art supplies in our Doodle&Sketch Boxes

About Doodle&Sketch Box

Creative surprise art-box for inspiration.

You can step into successful artist's shoes and feel deeply his unique style and technique. It's the best way to leave your comfort zone and push yourself into something new!

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  • Interview with an artist
  • Video lesson
  • Inspiring gifts
  • Professional advice
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Our artists

Each month we select a few artists for our Doodle&Sketch Box.
They enthusiastically share their stories, experience, inspiration and creativity with the world and you.

Authors of Doodle&Sketch Box 2017

Creative Doodle&Sketch Box from Julia Barminova
Julia BarminovaJanuary 2017

Watercolor artist, architect.

Authors of Doodle&Sketch Box 2016

Creative Doodle&Sketch Box from Lyubov Titova
Lyubov TitovaNovember 2016

Watercolor artist,

Creative Doodle&Sketch Box from Olesya Dubovik
Olesya DubovikNovember 2016

Artist on acrylic, graphic artist,

Creative Doodle&Sketch Box from Julia Dubinina
Julia DubininaOctober 2016

Painter on a pastel and oil painting. Animal painter.

Creative Doodle&Sketch Box from Katya Khotuntseva
Katya KhotuntsevaOctober 2016

Illustrator, portraitist

Creative Doodle&Sketch Box from Katya Tetto
Katya TettoAugust 2016

Graphic artist,

Creative Doodle&Sketch Box from Kudriashova Alena
Kudriashova AlenaAugust 2016

Architect, sketcher,

Creative Doodle&Sketch Box from Irina Sart
Irina SartJuly 2016


Creative Doodle&Sketch Box from Soosh
*** Soosh ***July 2016

Watercolor artist,

Creative Doodle&Sketch Box from Elena Moroz
Elena MorozMay 2016

Watercolor artist,

Creative Doodle&Sketch Box from Anna Berezkina
Anna BerezkinaMay 2016


Creative Doodle&Sketch Box from Olga Guseva
Olga GusevaApril 2016


Creative Doodle&Sketch Box from Svetlana Vinnikova
Svetlana Vinnikova April 2016

Artist on botanical illustration and painting.

Creative Doodle&Sketch Box from Ekaterina Goland
Ekaterina Goland March 2016

Graphic artist,

Maria Pavlova - Doodle&Sketch Box author
Maria Pavlova March 2016

Painter, member of the
Union of Artists.

Ksenia Gromova - Doodle&Sketch Box author
Ksenia Gromova February 2016

Artist in zenart technique,

Lisa Krasonova - Doodle&Sketch Box author
Lisa Krasonova February 2016

Painter, illustrator, sketcher and designer.

Authors of Doodle&Sketch Box 2015

Bastuchka - Doodle&Sketch Box author
Artimieva Daria December 2015

Painter in hyperrealism technique,

Ksusha Sirenja - Doodle&Sketch Box author
Ksusha Sirenja December 2015

Painter, illustrator and scrapbooking master.

Anastasia Kustova - Doodle&Sketch Box author
Anastasia Kustova November 2015

Watercolor artist and author of her own jewelry brand.

Sasha Roshin - Doodle&Sketch Box author
Sasha Roshin November 2015

Fashion-illustrator, designer and portraitist.

Tania Samoshkina - Doodle&Sketch Box author
Tania Samoshkina October 2015

Watercolor artist. Loves to draw foxes. Self-taught artist

Sophia Kolovskaia - Doodle&Sketch Box author
Sophia Kolovskaia October 2015

Graphic Designer, illustrator and sketcher.

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