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We love what we do!

About Doodle&Sketch

In August 2015 we launched Doodle&Sketch - a conceptually new art project, created for painters' inspiration and exchanging creative expirience. We help talented artists to share inspiration and exchange their stories and young artists - to improve and inspire creativity!

Doodle&Sketch Box is a box with author's inspiration, motivation and art supplies. Every month our boxes are supervised by two modern and cool artists. It means that in our boxes we put an inspiring thing that the box-author loves and uses. With the inspiration in the box you will find a beautifully designed interview about his/her work and his/her favorite art supplies.

We are confident that this immersion in another artist's work environment broadens the creative horizons and helps to achieve new heights! And also it's just fun! :)

Founders of Doodle&Sketch
Founders of Doodle&Sketch

Our goals and progress

Here we will be placing our progress. Every sold box, written response, drawn picture painted for #Doosker contest are counted counted here.

We have inspired

over 24000 people 24000 people

Painters we have helped to tell about themselves

over 1500 people 1500 people

Who are we?

Founder of Doodle&Sketch Alina Surkova
Had a good drawing skills from early age, but did not take them seriously. A certified economist and mathematician. At some point realized, that she didn't want to do anything that was connected with calculations and digits. Left office work immersed herself in art and everything connected with it. Became a full time creative person about 4 years ago, visited many painting courses and has great passion and love for art!
Founder of Doodle&Sketch Vladimir Medintcev
A very creative person! For the Doodle&Sketch project does all the technical stuff. In his spare time writes songs, music, plays the guitar and the piano. A big skeptic and a man with a large-scale thinking. He looks at the project from a technical point of view. And he loves to take selfies :)))