Katerina Floescher katyfloescher@gmail.com
Katerina Floescher a Russia-born fine artist who specialises in atmospheric realistic watercolours. She has been practising art in variety of media, techniques and forms since her graduation in Fine Arts from Izhevsk State University in 2010. Katerina grew up close to picturesque pristine countryside, in proximity to forests and lakes. The natural beauty of the Russian landscape sharpened her senses and shaped her perception of art. She took up painting at the age of 9 and since then art became her passion that later turned into a profession. While traveling across Europe, North America and Asia she was drawn to places associated with water i.e. ports, piers and docks that became predominant motive in her paintings. Katerina’s marine watercolors are characterised by the mastery of colour blending and excellence of colour choice. Her realistic style brings the best out of the medium in a creative form that evokes pleasant memories and feelings of beauty and calmness. Currently Katerina is based in Abu Dhabi spending her time plein air and giving watercolour workshops. Recently she has started participating in group exhibitions and private art shows in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Artistic process “I am very fortunate to live Abu Dhabi. This city is a constant source of inspiration for me. Whenever I have a chance, I go to the beach to see and sense the sea. The colors are amazing, whether sunny or stormy day. Nowadays I work mainly in watercolours. It is a big challenge to explain to people how difficult and demanding this medium is. With every work I challenge myself and improve my skills.”